Kore Comprehensive Support for DataFlo
The Only Support Program you Will Ever Need for DataFlo

DataFlo Support Program

Our Kore Support Program (KSP) for DataFlo is the only support program you will ever need to protect your DataFlo investment. KSP is best suited for companies that plan to keep using DataFlo and want to increase their level of support and lower their maintenance and support costs. Regardless of whether you're planning to use DataFlo for many years or want to keep your options open for a potential migration to a different ERP application in the future, Kore has the people, products, and services to ensure that DataFlo remains a viable business system for years to come.

Dedicated to DataFlo

Many of Kore's DataFlo Clients have expressed interest in having easier access to their data, more flexible business reporting, and an alternative to the "green screen" user interface that doesn't require expensive DataFlo licenses for each user. Kore has developed the answers for these requests and more with business intelligence solutions powered by our Kourier Integrator and SQL Accelerator products, and easy-to-use Web applications developed with our KommerceServer Web framework.

The Best People, The Best Support

To provide you with the best support in the industry, Kore Technologies employs only the most senior and experienced DataFlo professionals, ensuring that you receive the highest level of support possible, now and in the future. In addition to providing you with better support, we are able to offer our program at significant cost savings compared to Epicor's support programs--sometimes as much as 60%! We can do this because our support personnel are focused exclusively on providing excellent DataFlo support without the overhead of a large organization supporting multiple ERP packages.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Another way KSP reduces your maintenance costs is by lowering your total cost of ownership for product enhancements via our unique Mercado program. Mercado provides a library of targeted enhancements that will have an immediate impact on your business operations and provide a measurable return on your investment, as compared to the high cost of implementing new DataFlo releases just to get a few product improvements you need--and many you don't.
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Kore's depth of knowledge and experience with past and present releases of DataFlo allows us to support virtually any configuration of DataFlo software and hardware. Please call us if you have a unique configuration not listed here that requires support.
  • Any DataFlo release 5.4 or later
  • Any Preview release
  • UniData or UniVerse
  • Windows, UNIX, or Linux

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose the Kore Support Program

  • Up to 60% Less Expensive than Epicor's Support Plan
  • Unlimited Technical Support for DataFlo Applications
  • Guaranteed Service Level and Response Time
  • Higher Quality, Faster Response from Senior Analysts
  • Preferred Rates for all Kore Services
  • 20% Discount on All Kore Standard Products
  • 40% Discount on all Kore Mercado Products
  • Dedicated Account Manager Ensures Your Satisfaction
  • Annual Technology and Business System Evaluation
  • $10,000 Worth of Kore Software with a 2-year Plan