Professional Software Services
Support, maintain and enhance your Integration, eCommerce or ERP application

Kore Services Overview

Kore Technologies offers a complete suite of services to help you support, maintain, and enhance your ERP or other enterprise applications.

DataFlo Support

The Kore Support Program (KSP) is the only support program you will ever need to protect your DataFlo investment. KSP is best suited for companies that plan to keep using DataFlo (for the short or long term) and want to increase their level of support and lower their maintenance and support costs.

DataFlo & System Upgrades

Don't put off upgrading your DataFlo application, Preview, UniData/UniVerse (U2) database, or Operating System because of resource issues, time constraints, or system modifications. Kore has performed nearly 200 upgrades, we can upgrade you faster and more efficiently than anyone else. We can migrate your software to the latest and greatest version, and we will integrate all of your customized software too.

Custom Development

We are experts at customizing, tailoring, and integrating ERP and other enterprise business systems using almost any technology available.
  • DataFlo Enhancements / Services
    When it comes to customizing DataFlo to meet your exact needs, there's virtually nothing we cannot do, from simple reports to complete modules. All of our DataFlo development is done according to strict programming standards and includes documentation and revision control, ensuring your next DataFlo upgrade will be as easy as possible.
  • Web / Internet Development
    We specialize in Internet-based applications that allow you to extend your products and services to a broader audience. We are experts with the latest industry-standard technologies such as: Microsoft .NET, Active Server Pages (ASP), JavaScript, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
  • Windows Development
    Whether it's a simple tool or a complex client/server application, our developers are accomplished in many languages and environments including Microsoft .NET, Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, MS SQL Server, MS Access, and browser-based technologies (DHTML, XML, XSLT).


As integration experts with many years of experience implementing and integrating ERP and enterprise systems with other products, we can help you integrate best-of-breed solutions to extend your system and add new functionality. We have integrated products such as: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Lifecycle Management, Business Intelligence, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Factory Data Collection, and Microsoft SQL Server data warehouses.

UNIX Consulting

The UNIX operating system can be more challenging to administer and requires a different skill set compared to the Microsoft operating systems. We are very proficient with UNIX and can help you with any UNIX need including: operating system upgrades, hardware upgrades, data migration, performance tuning, and more.

Network Security

Kore can help ensure your organization's data and computer resources are not at risk to hackers and viruses. Sometimes a simple change, such as adding a new piece of hardware or changing software settings can compromise your security. After a security assessment and network environment audit we will make recommendations for hardware, software, and procedural changes to tighten security on your system.
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