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How to Use SUBHELP Command in PREVIEW

Using DataFlo SUBHELP Command to Access PREVIEW Documentation

The SUBHELP command can be very helpful to the DataFlo programmer when information is needed regarding PREVIEW subroutines. SUBHELP can be used to find a subroutine that you need to use but just can't remember its name, or to find new subroutines to try out. The documentation displayed in older DataFlo releases are in the character format and newer DataFlo releases are in HTML format.

Command Syntax:
SUBHELP [subroutine]
  • The SUBHELP command must be executed from TCL.
  • SUBHELP is available with PREVIEW 3.03 and higher.
  • When SUBHELP is executed without a subroutine specified it returns a list of topics allowing the user to "drill" down to the specific subroutine. Topics include: Alerts, Application Interface Routines, Component Property routines, Data Access routines, Get Information routines, Indexes and Searches, Message routines, PC Interface routines, Report Manager routines, and Universal Notes routines, and more.
  • When SUBHELP is executed with a subroutine name, for example SUBHELP PV.CALL, the user is taken directly to the online documentation.

The typical documentation for a subroutine contains the following information, but the order of information differs slightly among documents.
  • A simple explanation of the subroutine’s purpose
  • The Syntax or Declaration
  • The Input and Output Interface
  • A Scope of Use statement
  • An Example of the subroutine’s use – usually very general examples

Note, some subroutines are not "indexed" so you pretty much need to know the name of the subroutine. For example, you cannot find the subroutine PV.CALL searching through the SUBHELP pages. Luckily, you can access it directly using SUBHELP PV.CALL. This will display that elusive list of PREVIEW Screen Execution Options as well as some nice documentation on PV.CALL.

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