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KommerceServer Mobile

KommerceServer is mobile ready out-of-the-box and included as part of the eCommerce Suite. The responsive web design of KommerceServer provides an easy to implement, feature-rich and cost-effective mobile eCommerce solution.

The mobile eCommerce storefront and customer web portal solution provides an optimized user interface and workflow that automatically adapts to each mobile device to meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

New! KommerceServer Release 5.14 is now available, contact Kore to see a product demonstration.

KommerceServer Mobile Overview

KommerceServer Mobile is a perfect complement to your corporate website and enables you to put the full power of the KommerceServer webStoreFront and webPortal in the hands of your customers, partners, and even internal users so that they can connect with your corporate website from anywhere using their favorite mobile device.

KommerceServer Mobile provides all the power of KommerceServer webStoreFront and webPortal in a compact, mobile ready solution. Your customers can browse your web catalog, make online purchases and access their account history using a streamlined interface that adapts to their mobile device in order to support the requirements and workflow of the mobile user.

Mobile Design

KommerceServer Mobile is different from native mobile applications because it does not require a separate version for each mobile platform. Instead, KommerceServer Mobile uses responsive web design that looks similar to a native mobile application, but automatically adapts to each mobile device so that it works the same across all mobile platforms without additional development effort. The result is a mobile website that is easier for your customer to use and also easier to deploy, support and customize.This provides a lower total cost of ownership.

Mobile User Experience

KommerceServer Mobile is very easy for your customers to use. Regardless of what device they are using (PC, laptop, or a mobile device), they can easily peruse your corporate website, browse and search your product catalog, place and review orders. This is possible because the KommerceServer engine automatically adapts the look and feel of the website, storefront and portal to each device. So your customers using their favorite mobile device will have a more streamlined, compact view of the website yet they will still have all the tools they need at their disposal to do business with you.

Benefits at a Glance

KommerceServer Mobile is a fully optimized, responsive website that works for all mobile devices out-of-the-box, yet it can be easily customized if needed.
  • Responsive website design provides an optimized experience for all for mobile devices
  • Embraces the modern customers' research, review and buy cycle
  • Provides secure 24/7 mobile shopping and customer self-service
  • Extends your market reach and online presence to all mobile users
  • More cost-effective to implement and support than native mobile applications
  • Easy to implement and administer one or more websites
  • Easy to customize, configure and style to match your corporate branding
  • Highly reliable, scalable, and secure design

Features at a Glance

The KommerceServer Mobile includes the advanced features required for B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions
  • Mobile website automatically adapts for the smaller screens of mobile devices
  • Supports alternate product images appropriately sized for mobile browsing
  • Sell all of your products or just a subset on the mobile website
  • Product catalog search and browse workflow tailored to mobile users
  • Automatically detects mobile devices and redirects to mobile website
  • Search Engine Optimization extended for mobile website
  • Configuration options support B2B and B2C environments
  • Seamless near real-time integration with supported back office systems Integrated PCI compliant credit card payments
  • Users can create product reviews and rate products
  • User-defined shopping lists that encourage repeat orders
  • Complementary product suggestions for up-selling
  • Customer account home page shows contacts and recent activity
  • Easy access to current and historical order information
  • Track in-transit shipments with links to FedEx, UPS, DHL, or other carriers
  • Centralized management and administration of all products and promotions
  • Integrated content management system for images, descriptions, and more

Designed for Back office Integration

KommerceServer is designed for integration with a back office system. This integration provides key information for the webStoreFront and webPortal such as: customers, parts, inventory, prices, orders, invoices, shipments, etc.

KommerceServer uses Kore's Kourier Integrator as middleware to enable integration with other back office systems. A key feature of Kourier Integrator is the ability to update the KommerceServer Microsoft SQL Server database in near real-time with only the most recent changes from the back office system. This makes it fast and easy to keep the systems synchronized and boosts overall performance.

KommerceServer has pre-defined integrations to several ERP systems such as: Epicor Eclipse, Epicor Prelude, Epicor DataFlo and Infor LN (Baan).

Guaranteed Implementation

The KommerceServer Mobile solutions are designed to expedite your implementation and minimize costs. The solution pricing includes all the software and services needed for a complete mobile eCommerce Solution.

KommerceServer solutions can be deployed to a service provider or it can be hosted locally. In either case, your systems must meet certain minimum requirements, contact Kore for details.
Mobile webStoreFront and Web portal solutions that extend your enterprise over the Internet, allowing you to connect with customers, collaborate with partners, and compete more effectively in the global market!

KommerceServer Mobile eCommerce: Exceptional mobile eCommerce software that is feature rich, easy to implement, and cost-effective. So what are you waiting for?
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