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How to Limit Access to wIntegrate Query Builder

Using Group Codes to Control Access to Query Builder

For DataFlo users

One way to control access to the wIntegrate Query Builder is to assign a Group Code to the WIN.SERVER Process in the “Process Control Entry” selection on the System Utility Menu.

In order to run the Query Builder, the user must have been assigned the same Group Code as that on the WIN.SERVER Process. If the user does not have the matching Group Code, then when the Query Builder is executed, wIntegrate will return a message to the PC that it is unable to start WIN.SERVER on the Host PC.

You’ll also need to restrict access to TCL, since users can do listings at TCL that are the equivalent of any query builder processes.

For Non-DataFlo users

The key is adding a distinction to the user control table that can be used to define which users should have access to the query builder, and then teaching “WIN.SERVER” to recognize that distinction. For instance, one could add a field “Allow Query Builder (Y/N)” to the user control record.

Then, one must update WIN.SERVER to first check who the user is (you can use the “@logname” standard variable), and then use that value to read the user control record.

Finally, add code to WIN.SERVER to check the flag to see if people can continue. Unfortunately, that means that each time you upgrade wIntegrate you will need to update WIN.SERVER.

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