Kourier Outbound RESTful Integration
Integrate to Third-Party Application REST APIs

Outbound RESTful Integration

REST as a Client Overview

Kourier REST enables you to build outbound integrations between your MultiValue (MV) application and REST APIs offered by best-in-class products using application connectors and adaptors. We call this outbound integration approach REST as a Client. 


Most modern cloud-based, SaaS, mobile, third-party applications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices today offer REST APIs to enable synchronous integration. Kourier REST provides the platform you need to securely and reliably connect your MultiValue system with these applications to send and receive data.

Kourier REST as a Client

Kourier’s REST development framework is designed to simplify, streamline and accelerate the process of building, testing and managing outbound integrations to third-party application via their published REST APIs. 


Integration with external REST APIs is accomplished primarily using configuration pages and "clicks not code." This results in more productive developers and higher quality integrations. For more advanced requirements, developers can use powerful Event Handlers to leverage existing application business logic or add special instructions at specific timing intervals.

Kourier’s REST as a Client Key Features & Benefits:

  • Build outbound integration to external applications via third-party REST endpoints
    • Uses Kore’s clicks-not-code template-based development of RESTful Web Services
    • Use REST Client Exports to send data to external systems via their REST endpoints
    • Use REST Client Imports to update your U2 system with data received from third-party endpoints
    • Build integrations using either XML or JSON format
    • Optimized request processing for rate limited endpoints via Kore’s Net Change technology
    • Configure endpoint settings for cross-reference file and map HTTP verbs for Create, Update and Delete
    • Extensible architecture to support standard and custom application connectors and adaptors
    • API Event Handlers can leverage and extend existing MultiValue business logic at specific time intervals:
      • Declarations
      • Before Select
      • Dataset Initialize
      • Dataset Header
      • Dataset Detail
      • Dataset Footer
      • Wrapup
      • Supports programmatic modification of the SELECT statement
    • Access REST endpoints via HTTP/HTTPS directly from UniBasic code
    • Extensive performance statistics and configurable event logging
    • Interactive testing capabilities do not require any .NET knowledge
  • Automatic Integration Cross-References
    • Configure primary key integration cross-references between each data source and REST endpoint
    • Automatically build and rebuild cross-references between systems
    • Automatically lookup integration cross-reference information at runtime
    • Maintains integration cross-reference automatically as records are created the MultiValue system
  • Searchable Integration Timeline
    • Kourier automatically maintains a detailed history of significant events occurring during the lifecycle of a MultiValue record
    • Search the timeline by MultiValue ID, Remote ID, date range, type and more
    • Drill into the integration history and view the request and response messages
      • Diagnose anomalies that occur during an integration
      • Pinpoint and resolve issues
    • Configure the maximum transactions history from 10 to 100 per MultiValue record
  • Integration Exceptions
    • Provides a high-level dashboard that summarizes the status of application objects across integrations
    • Quickly spot errors and drill into exceptions to review details and messages
    • Drill into individual MultiValue items and view the integration timelines
    • Manually flag exceptions as OK
    • Event-based exception management with email notification
    • User-defined email notification templates

Application Connectors and Adaptors

Kourier outbound REST integration to third-party products requires two components: Application Connectors and Application Adaptors. Together these components provide out-of-the box outbound integration between a MultiValue-based system and a third-party application.

Application Connectors

Connectors provide the credentials, protocols, actions, operations and error management that enable Kourier to communicate and exchange information with a specific third-party application REST endpoint. Connectors form the basis for integration to any ERP system and are designed to be used with any MultiValue back office system.

Application Adaptors

Adaptors are designed to work with a specific MultiValue-based application and pair with a Connecter to configure the integration. Adaptors define the actual data mapping, business rules, integration properties, cross-references and exception rules required for the MultiValue system to share data with a connected third-party application.


Currently Available Connectors and Adaptors

The following connectors and their associated adaptors are currently available with more planned for the future. Some examples include applications such as Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot to name a few.


  • BizSpeedLast mile logistics for delivery
    • Epicor D2K adaptor available
  • Salesforce.com: SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Epicor Prelude adaptor available
    • Call Kore for other ERP adaptor availability
  • ServiceTitanSaaS field service application
    • Epicor Eclipse adaptor available
  • Repsly Retail Execution: SaaS retail execution and sales performance
    • Epicor Prelude adaptor available
  • RMB Solutions: SaaS service management for call centers
    • Epicor Avanté  adaptor available
  • Ortec: Routing and Loading: SaaS shipping and logistics system 
    • Epicor D2K adaptor available. 
  • VKS: Smart Manufacturing: Web-based visual work order instructions, tracking and tracability 
    • Epicor DataFlo adaptor available.

Contact Kore to find out if an application adaptor is available for your MultiValue system.

Rapid Return on Investment - Guaranteed Implementation

Kourier REST solutions have a guaranteed implementation. The solution pricing includes all the software and services needed for a complete solution, and we'll even help you with your first project. Note that Kourier solutions are installed on your U2 application server and Web server and must meet certain minimum requirements. Call Kore for details.
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