Kourier Package Contents Tracking
Scan and Pack Outgoing Product for Shipment

Kourier Package Contents Tracking

Kore's Package Contents Tracking (PCT) is an optional module for Kourier Freight Control, which allows your shipping personnel to use supermarket-style scanners to pack outgoing product for shipment. With PCT installed, you get SSCC-128 compliant package "license plate" labels, optional package contents labels, and all necessary data for full package-level detail Advance Ship Notices. Everything you need to satisfy the most demanding e-commerce trading partners.


Package Contents Tracking provides you with all the data required for full, hierarchical Advance Ship Notice e-commerce transactions. Using any off-the-shelf barcode scanners, your shipping and packing personnel can quickly and efficiently collect package-level contents data while they are placing your product in the shipping boxes. SSCC-128 compliant "license plate" labels and optional package contents labels are printed for each shipped package.

PCT is designed to use supermarket-style scanning stations to scan the barcode of each product as it is placed in the box. It also supports shipping of full case-pack product, as well as placing of full case-packs and mixed-product boxes on pallets. Controls are available to allow/disallow/warn for over- or under-shipments, and the user may display a screen showing what is short-shipped. PCT may be configured for separate packing stations and shipping stations, or for integrated "one-step" packing and shipping. You can also customize the SSCC-128 labels for your trading partners.

If you have the capability to send e-mails from within your ERP system (such as that provided by Kourier Messenger), PCT provides data Dictionaries which can embed package-level detail and tracking information in an outbound Advance Ship Notice e-mail. Your customers can receive an e-mail showing them what was shipped and the contents of each box, and they can even click on a link in the e-mail to track their packages at the UPS or FedEx web site. You can realize a very substantial decrease in your Customer Support costs, and an increase in your Customer Satisfaction with this feature.


Kourier Package Contents Tracking is designed to be fully integrated with your ERP system. We have standard integrations for several applications. Please contact us to discuss your solution. Additional requirements are listed below:
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