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How to Properly Register a DataFlo Account

Registering a DataFlo Account so *INSTALL Recognizes It

When a new account is loaded or created for DataFlo, *INSTALL should be run as it will check the account for the requirements (depending on Account Type) and make sure everything is set up and registered correctly. This also updates the "Registry of Accounts" in an item called DATAFLO.CFG, found in GLOBAL.CATDIR for UniVerse or CTLGTB in UniData. The *INSTALL program checks the Registry of Accounts when being run for a User type account and returns the lists of Baseline and Custom software accounts available.

If you have copied a DataFlo account from one machine to another, or from a CD, your accounts may not be "registered". Use this tip to sort it out.


When *INSTALL is being run on a User Type account during a DataFlo Upgrade or new account creation, the Software Account lists do not show the desired Baseline Software account or the desired Custom Software account, or the Global Account (usually DW-GLOBAL) is not displayed.

Why might this problem be happening?

The most common reason why an account is not registered is that the desired account was copied from one machine to another (or from a CD), and *INSTALL (setup) has not been run on the current machine. Note, running SETUP, UPDATE, or *INSTALL will run the SETUP.REGISTER utility which will place an entry in the Registry of Accounts.


Quick Fix:

Logon to the desired Global, Baseline Software or Custom Software account and get to TCL and run

Longer Fix:

Logon to the desired Global, Baseline Software or Custom Software account and get to TCL, then run
as shown in the following example for a Baseline account:
Your Preview Account is:  PREVIEW
Do you want to run SETUP or run UPGRADE?
Please enter 'S' or 'U' (or 'Q'uit) : S
VOC Setup Started...................: 07:58:30 05 SEP 2006
PREVIEW account.....................: PREVIEW
MD Setup Ended......................: 07:59:01 05 SEP 2006
SETUP started.......................: 07:59:01 05 SEP 2006
Setup:  (B)ase, (G)lobal, (C)ust, (U)ser, (R)ev..    B
Note: We generally recommend running *INSTALL, as this will ensure that pointers are correctly created for the current machine's PREVIEW account, and will load PREVIEW software (DEV, SYS, etc.) into the Baseline account. It will also load the supporting Dictionaries for both Baseline and Custom software accounts.

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