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How to Export Data to Excel Using Report Manager

Using the DataFlo Report Manager to Capture Data to MS Excel

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CAPTURE the output from a DataFlo Report Manager listing and convert it to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

The PREVIEW Report Manager has an output CAPTURE function that enables the user to send the report to a Microsoft Text file. With that Text file, we can use Microsoft Excel to open it and use the Excel Wizard to assist with formatting this new spreadsheet.
  1. Run a DataFlo report that is in the Report Manager format and send the output to CAPTURE.
  2. A 'Send Report to Capture' screen appears. Enter the 'Capture Filename' which will be a location on your PC to send the report to. Be sure to use the '.txt' extension. For example: c:\temp\paul.txt
  3. Startup Excel and open the Text item we just created. Note: you will need to change the 'Files of Type' to All Files (*.*)
  4. Excel will recognize that the file being opened is not of an Excel type and will offer to provide a wizard to help convert the file. Answer and then execute the commands that will be displayed in subsequent screens to import and format your new spreadsheet.
  5. Be sure to save it as an Excel file type.

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