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Kore Partners with Paciolan and SSB to Launch Ticketing Intelligence Data Warehouse

April 25th, 2012 | In the News: Company, Partner, Business Intelligence Kourier Integrator

Kore Technologies Partners with Paciolan and SSB Consulting Group to Launch Ticketing Intelligence Data Warehouse Solution


Paciolan, an industry-leading provider of ticketing, marketing, and fundraising solutions to more than 500 live entertainment organizations, announced today that it has partnered with SSB Consulting Group and Kore Technologies to create a SQL-based data warehouse solution called Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence for its clients.


Based on key performance indicators, Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence will provide Paciolan’s clients with real-time dashboards, cross-systems reporting and direct data warehouse access that can help them make critical, data driven business decisions. The solution is able to bring together information from multiple databases including the University foundation, merchandise, concessions, ticketing, marketing and fundraising sources. Armed with this data, teams and venues analyze sales and donation data, identify trends and tailor programs to maximize sales growth, enhance customer interactions and increase donation revenues.


“We remain laser focused and firmly committed to providing our clients with the most optimal solutions to help them efficiently run their organizations, increase revenue and be successful,” said Dave Butler, chief executive officer of Paciolan. “With Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence they will be able to better analyze data on fans, donors and customers, and make timely and impacting business decisions.”


Arizona State University Athletics is the first in college athletics to implement the smart analytics solution into their ticketing and fundraising systems.


“Paciolan Ticketing intelligence provides instant access to critical data, in real time that will help us better manage and measure our efforts through extensive reporting,” said Steve Patterson, athletic director of ASU. “This will enhance our ability to provide world class customer service to meet the needs of our fan base, while driving additional revenue.”

Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence enables organizations to integrate data from third-party systems, including data-append and lead-scoring services, as well as affiliated fundraising systems to provide sophisticated data analysis across a complex organization to aid revenue growth.


“We are excited about the opportunities to better understand and complement our sales and marketing programs,” said Steve Hank, Associate Athletic Director of ASU. “Now we can monitor our sales activity, compare fund development campaigns, and integrate marketing data into a single, visual dashboard to view progress and identify trends. This rich reporting will help us to cohesively manage strategic programs to better communicate internally and externally with our fan base.”


“We’re very excited to be partnering with Paciolan to provide its clients with our industry-leading data warehouse solution,” said Andrew Brodie, president of SSB Consulting. “With this solution, Paciolan’s clients will be able to quickly and easily analyze data and trends that can help them make better business decisions based on their unique needs. They can even view live reports through their mobile device including an iPad or smart phone for instant access to critical data.”


“Kore is pleased to be partnering with Paciolan and SSB as the MultiValue integration experts,” said Mark Dobransky, managing partner of Kore Technologies. “Using Kourier Integrator, our enterprise integration suite, we are able to provide near real-time updates to the SQL Server database used by the Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence solution.”


Kore is pleased to be partnering with Paciolan and SSB as the MultiValue integration experts. Using Kourier Integrator, our enterprise integration suite, we are able to provide near real-time updates to the SQL Server database used by the Paciolan Ticketing Intelligence solution.
- Mark Dobransky, Kore Technologies
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