Kourier Messenger
Event-driven Email Automation for DataFlo

Easily Send Professional Email from DataFlo

Solution Overview

Kourier Messenger leverages the power of email transforming your Rocket U2 database into a 24/7 event-driven workflow engine. Communication is vital to any successful company and email is the most widely used medium for businesses today. However, people in business get distracted or busy, and the initiation of communication often breaks down. Since the Messenger is always running and is wired into your DataFlo system, you can count on the message being delivered. Use Messenger to communicate to your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.


How it Works

Email messages are defined in re-useable templates controlling the recipients of the message as well as the subject line, message body, and external document attachments. A powerful substitution processor is available within the templates for dynamic data content generation through the use of substitution tags. Using substitution tags allows you to create email messages with content that includes: database dictionaries, constants, system functions, or programmatic variables passed through a simple API (Application Programming Interface). It’s easy to develop and change your messages without tedious programming. 


Messaging is automated through defined services that can be scheduled on a recurring basis. An integrated event log captures informational, warning, and error events during processing of the services with full reporting capabilities. Specific events can be filtered from the log or a notification message can be triggered as a result of the event.

Examples of How You Can Use Messenger:

Customer Emails

  • Sales Acknowledgement
  • Advanced Shipping Notice
  • Overdue Invoice
  • Credit Card Use Confirmation

Supplier Emails

  • PO Receipt Acknowledgement
  • Request for Quotation
  • Inventory Level (Vendor Managed Inventory)

Employee Emails

  • New Prospect
  • ECO Approval Request
  • Work Order Shortage or Stock Out


  • Email template definition without programming
  • HTML and Text message formats
  • Powerful e-mail content substitution processor
  • Event-driven message delivery
  • Recurring service definition and scheduling
  • SMTP outbound e-mail transport
  • Integrated event log with notification filters


Kourier Messenger is installed on your U2 application server, which can be UNIX or Windows-based and meeting the minimum requirements below. If you have any questions regarding these requirements or installation options, please contact us.


This software is available for any DataFlo release that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • DataFlo (any release) using Preview 3.0.3 or higher
  • DataFlo Server must have network access to an SMTP e-mail server
  • UniData 3.3.2 or later
  • UniVerse 9.6.x or later

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