Kourier Inbound REST APIs
Real-Time RESTful Integration Features Overview

Kourier REST as a Server Features and Benefits

This is a detailed list of the product features for Kore's Kourier REST solution for building APIs with MultiValue applications. Please visit the Kourier Integrator detailed feature page for more information on that product and related products such as SQL Accelerator and other modules.

RESTful Web Services

Integrate and modernize your MultiValue applications. Provide real-time access (queries and updates) to UniData/UniVerse (U2) databases from anywhere (e.g., web pages, mobile applications, third-party applications, IoT devices, etc.) using RESTful Web Services APIs. 
  • Simplified user interface for creating and managing RESTful Web Service APIs:
    • Create REST APIs for updating U2 files
    • Create REST APIs for querying U2 files
    • Supports REST-based principles including hypermedia
  • Supports use of RESTful Resources:
    • Define read and write interfaces using a single REST Resource Specification
    • Create sub resources to represent child resources or operations
  • Create and configure secure RESTful Web Services APIs without coding in many cases with support for:
    • JSON and XML formats
    • HATEOAS enabled
    • Query parameter validation
    • Query wildcards
    • Pagination of large result sets
    • Field limiting for optimized results
    • Dynamic result sorting
    • Result filtering and selecting
    • Automatic transaction logging, history and metrics
    • Standard HTTP status code support
    • Support for Accept HTTP header
    • Declare supported response formats (XML, JSON, Tab, Tilde, Pipe, CSV, HTML, Fixed)
  • Dynamic substitutions of query parameters, file names and dictionaries
  • Define Dynamic Named Parameters for calling RESTful Web Service:
    • Define parameters properties (Required flag, Default flag, Field Type, Structure, Edits, Min length, Max length and Comments.)
    • Declare which query parameters are supported (Fields, OutputAs, SortyBy, Page, PerPage)
  • Automatic data validation for supported REST operations:
    • GET /resource - retrieve a collection of resources
    • GET /resource/ID - retrieve a specific resource
    • POST /resource - create a new resource
    • PUT /resource - update an existing resource
    • PATCH /resource - create or updated a resource
    • DELETE /resource - delete an existing resource
  • API Event Handlers support special instructions at specific time intervals:
    • Makes it easy to leverage and extend existing MultiValue business logic
    • Export Events: Declarations; Before Select; Dataset Initialize, Header, Detail and Footer
    • Import Events: Declarations; Before Read, After Read, Before Update, Before Delete and Wrap Up
    • Enables programmatic modification of the SELECT statement
  • REST Exports automatically add a content-type header to the response headers based on the output specified
  • REST Imports can include a "Response Export" that developers can use to either render the export or load fields from code
  • Invoke a Kourier Service or Kourier Schedule via a Web Service
  • Generate Interactive Swagger API Documentation from REST Resources metadata
  • Integrated API testing capabilities for U2 developers, .NET knowledge not required

REST API Subscriptions

This advanced integration feature gives your API consumers (the service or application calling the API) the ability to subscribe to your published APIs. Once subscribed, API consumers automatically receive notifications when data changes in the source application as they occur in real-time (e.g., new Customer, Price update, etc.). The subscribing application or service can then take the appropriate based upon the notification. REST Subscriptions are implemented via the Webhooks paradigm and replace less efficient periodic polling methods previously used.
  • Expands the developer's toolkit for application integration:
    • Provides an alternative method to integrate with other applications in real-time
    • More efficient than repeatedly polling an application or database for changes
    • Supplements the ability to read/write data in real-time via REST Resources
  • Leverages Kourier’s Net Change capability (change data capture):
    • Efficiently sends only incremental data updates
    • Detects inserts, updates and deletes to data
  • Uses Kourier’s Message Queuing system to ensure message delivery
  • Subscription requests are automated and easy to use
  • Very easy to setup and requires minimal administration
  • No code changes needed to the source application to enable API Subscriptions & Net Change
  • Default Subscription properties are configurable:
    • Callback Timeout
    • Max Batch count
    • Max message days
    • Schedule start/end times
    • Schedule frequency

Swagger API Documentation

With only a single mouse click on the Get Specification button in a Kourier REST Resource definition, you can automatically generate your API documentation in ready-to-use, beautiful, interactive Swagger 2.0 format. Swagger is not only cool, it makes both API developers and API consumers more productive too. It's also the emerging standard for REST documentation because it is the world’s largest framework of API developer tools for the OpenAPI Specification.

Example Swagger documentation for Customer resource

Why Swagger is Cool!

  • Better documentation improves developer productivity
  • Swagger documentation is interactive, making it easier to read and explore APIs
  • Helps developers visualize the interface more easily
  • API developers can preview APIs in Swagger format while building the API
  • Provides better documentation for API Consumers
  • API Consumers are more productive when implementing the APIs
  • API documentation is automatically generated using information on the Kourier REST API definition
  • Swagger document can be generated, saved and customized for website publication
  • Developers can quickly build APIs by turning Swagger definition into code
    • Generate server stubs & client libraries in over 40 different programming languages
    • Enables faster deployment and better API adoption

Create APIs in over 40 languages using Swagger!
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