Kourier Freight Control
One-step Method of Controlling and Tracking Outgoing Packages and Freight Charges

Kourier Freight Control for DataFlo

Kore's Freight Control is designed to provide a one-step method of controlling and tracking outgoing packages and freight charges. Unlike other freight management solutions, Kore's Freight Control handles outbound shipping entirely within the standard Shipments Entry process. Multiple Shipping Stations may be installed, each with its own Barcode Label Printer and Electronic Scale.


Freight Control will store the appropriate Freight and Insurance Charges for each Shipment automatically, including any surcharges or discounts you may want to specify. This eliminates the need for manual user entry of these charges, speeding up your shipping process and preventing data entry errors. Selection of the appropriate FOB code at Sales Order or RMA Entry time determines whether the Freight Charges are automatically calculated, set to zero, or if manual entries are accepted.

Tracking numbers are automatically saved in the ERP system. A Freight Tracking Query screen is included, with an automated zoom to the Freight Carrier's web site for easy tracking of packages. Special dictionary items are included for easy generation of Web Tracking URL's for inclusion in Ship Notice e-mails.

Freight Control automates your International Export Shipments using UPS and Federal Express. All required export information (Harmonized Tariff Codes, Certificate of Origin, Shippers Export Declaration, etc.) is captured and transmitted electronically to the carrier for customs clearance. This can be configured to have the carrier generate various required export documentation, or to allow you to generate these in-house.

For the most complete shipping solution available, add the Kourier Package Contents Tracking module to allow your shipping personnel to use supermarket-style scanners to pack outgoing product for shipment. With PCT installed, you get SSCC-128 compliant package "license plate" labels, optional package contents labels, and all necessary data for full package-level detail Advance Ship Notices. Everything you need to satisfy the most demanding e-commerce trading partners.

Supported Shipping Methods

United Parcel Service (UPS)

  • Fully compliant Bar-Code Shipping Labels
  • Supports all domestic and international UPS Services
  • Supports Oversize and Dimensional Weight packages
  • Supports UPS Extended Area Surcharges
  • Electronic PLD (Package Level Detail) file generated at the end of each day for transmittal to UPS
  • Automatic transmittal of PLD over the Internet via UPS Host Access
  • Transmittal via UPS Host Manifest Upload web site
  • Automated Rate, Zone and Routing Code loader
  • Tagless COD support
  • Automated Call Tag support
  • Signature and Adult Signature Required support

Federal Express

  • Interface to FedEx's Ship Manager Server
  • Ship Manager Server prints all Shipping Labels and Export Documentation
  • Supports all domestic and international FedEx Services
  • Supports FedEx Ground
  • Supports Oversize and Dimensional Weight packages
  • Ship Manager Server handles all Rate and Zone updates
  • Ship Manager Server transmits end-of-day information to Federal Express, via the Internet or dial-up
  • Automated Call Tag support for FedEx Ground

LTL (Less-Than-Load) Truck Carriers

  • Generates and prints Consolidated Bill of Lading for multiple Shipments going to the same address
  • Supports multiple Freight Classes
  • Supports Freight-All-Kinds (FAK) contracts
  • Automated Rate and Zone Load available for many Carriers:
    • CCX
    • Consolidated Freightways
    • Roadway Express
    • TNT
    • Viking Freight
    • Yellow Freight
    • Others available upon request


Kourier Freight Control is designed to be fully integrated with your ERP system. We have standard integrations for several applications. Please contact us to discuss your solution. Additional requirements are listed below:
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