Kourier File Resize Utility
The Quick and Easy Way to Optimize the Performance of Your U2 Database 

Kore File Resize Utility for DataFlo

The Kore File Resize Utility is the quick and easy way to optimize the performance of your UniData/UniVerse (U2) database. Proper file sizing is critical in a U2 database environment and can make the difference between your system operating at peak performance or seem like it's running in slow motion.
You can run the File Resize utility from the command line (TCL) or use the simple Preview GUI. You are able to resize a single file, a list of files, or all local files within an account. There is even a test mode where you can see which files are improperly sized and view the recommended modulo and separation before they are changed. The File Resize utility leverages the native UniData or Universe size recommendations based on your database release and configuration. If you have Kore's Kourier scheduling module, you have the ability to schedule the file resizing to occur automatically on a regular basis.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Maintain optimum performance of your UniData/UniVerse database
  • Avoid data corruption from improperly sized files
  • Uses native UniData/UniVerse settings to determine recommended modulo and separation
  • Resize a single file, list of files, or all files within an account
  • Run in test mode to estimate required disk space prior to actual file resizing
  • Prevent specific files from downsizing, great for files with high size variability
  • Automatically schedule the resizing on a regular basis during off hours (with optional Kourier scheduling module)


  • DataFlo ERP application Release 5.4 or higher
  • Preview 2.2.3 or later (Preview 3.0.n or later with Kourier)
  • UniData 3.3.2.n or later
  • UniVerse 9.6.n or later
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