DataFlo Security and Process Auditing
Sarbanes-Oxley Enhancement


Security and Process Auditing are part of the DataFlo Sarbanes-Oxley Enhancement Suite.

The most important element of system security is managing user logins and their associated access rights. Therefore, it's very important to know when there are any changes to this information. In DataFlo, this information is kept in the SECURITY and PROCESS files.


This solution has two key components: 1) A file change auditing system and 2) a change audit report to display the changes.

Security Change Auditing - Automatically monitors and logs all changes to the SECURITY and PROCESS files. Any time a record is changed in these files, a security file audit log file is updated--no matter how the record is changed. Even editing a file from the command line (TCL) is tracked.

Security Change Audit Report - The report displays information in the security file audit log and helps you see changes to user security profiles and process access. The report displays: source account, source file (SECURITY or PROCESS) and record ID, the Preview and operating system user IDs and names, date and time of the change, field number (AMC) and field names that were changed, and the old and new values.


This report is available for DataFlo systems that meet the following minimum requirements:
  • DataFlo 5.5.9 or higher running Preview 3.0.x or higher
  • UniData 3.3.2 or later
  • UniVerse 9.6.x or later

More Information

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