DataFlo Secure TCL Environment
Sarbanes-Oxley Enhancement


The Secure TCL Environment is part of the DataFlo Sarbanes-Oxley Enhancement Suite.

One of the requirements of many IT departments is to turn off TCL command shell access for all users in all Production accounts. However, many users make extensive use of SELECT Lists and ad-hoc reporting from TCL and they don't want to lose that functionality. The standard TCL processor provided with Preview is very limiting, because it only performs one command at a time and does not allow access to a command stack (recall of previously issued commands). The Kore Enhanced TCL Command Processor provides the Select List, Stacking, and Editing features of the standard UniData/UniVerse TCL processor, but also enforces full Preview Process, File and Field level security.


  • Can be enabled on a per-user basis with one simple change in the user's SECURITY record.
  • Enforces all defined Preview Verb (Process), File, and Field level security.
  • Uses an Edit Text Box entry field to for easy entry and editing of long commands.
  • Easily copy the contents of commands displayed on the screen to the Windows Clipboard.
  • Includes a Command Stacker, which stores previous commands for easy recall, editing, and execution.
  • Supports use of select lists (such as SELECT, SSELECT, QSELECT, GET-LIST, et al.).
  • Send output to a printer and select the output device in the same manner as a Report Manager report.
  • Option to set screen to wide mode prior to executing the command.


This report is available for DataFlo systems that meet the following minimum requirements:
  • DataFlo 5.5.9 or higher running Preview 3.0.x or higher
  • UniData 3.3.2 or later
  • UniVerse 9.6.x or later

More Information

If you would like more information on how Kore can help you implement internal controls for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, contact us today. For more information on Sarbanes-Oxley check out these sites: and
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